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Primary Values Of A Critical Thinker

Certain values advance your effort to do so; others do not. By knowing and appreciating the primary values of a critical thinker, you have some men- tal muscle that you can use to remind yourself of the necessity of your paying close attention to those who do not share your value priorities. Let’s examine these primary values.

  • Critical thinkers need introspection so they're aware of their own degree of alertness and attentiveness, as well as their biases. This is your.

  • Critical thinkers are rational and not impulsive: While making a decision, critical thinkers always weigh the pros and cons of the situation. They are not impulsive and always think logically before putting their ideas into action. Critical but creative: Thinking out of the box has resulted in many great inventions.

  • View Solutions. 1 Autonomy. we all want to pick and choose from the widest possible array of possibilities; otherwise, we may miss the one decision or option that wewould have chosenif only we had paid attention to those who did not share our value priorities. 2.

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