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SCS: How to Comply - Shipping - Volume V

SCS: How to Comply - Shipping - Volume V

Corporations today need to watch their shipping departments closely. They are one area within an organization that is at a higher risk for smuggling of illegal narcotics, arms and contraband. This risk is more prevalent with shipping personnel, as well as the logistics and the movement of cargo from raw material to its final destination. These areas are more at risk due to increased exposure to external third parties such as suppliers, drivers, transportation and even manufacturers.

The How to Comply Shipping Training guide will provide you with tangible threat
awareness skills you will be able to implement immediately. Broaden your internal
processes, reduce risks, set up systems all employees can easily follow, take your
conveyance inspections and seal controls the next level and get personnel involved by using the tools, procedures, forms and exercises in this guide to make it all happen. Global MLX has gone all out to help you build solid systems for shipping that will be included in your company's overall layered defense system. A tool All Shipping Managers need to have.

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