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SCS: How to Comply - Receiving - Volume VI

SCS: How to Comply - Receiving - Volume VI

Keeping your company safe and your employees protected is essential in today’s
market and with terrorism on the rise this job is not always easy. The Receiving
Department is one area within an organization that is a major challenge for


Learn how to develop the right security programs while maintaining corporate
compliance standards in ASCT’s book How to Comply Receiving Training. If
you’re a leader in the Receiving Department understanding how to meet compliance within domestic and international supply chains is a skill you will want to master.


This book includes current procedures and threat awareness training that will
enhance your ability to identify vulnerabilities and close the “risk gap.” We will show you how to implement the right procedures, identify the forms you need, and complete them with accurate, up-to-date information, while developing security measures that exceed international security criteria. The policies, procedures, forms and inspection information has been used by our clients for years with unprecedented success, you’ll want to get your hands on these.

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