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SCS: How to Comply - Purchasing - Volume III

SCS: How to Comply - Purchasing - Volume III

Safeguarding your company against threats is a complex job for Purchasing Managers. These managers are challenged with outsourcing of services and building strong relationships with their outside vendor for sales and services. When something goes wrong with their partners/stakeholders it can have a direct negative impact on the company’s bottom line.

Setting up regulated procedures and safety technology will equip your company to face risk and improve the efficiency of your department thereby, keeping your reputation intact if your partners find themselves facing their own internal regulation issues.

Global MLX's How to Comply Purchasing Training will provide you with a behind the curtain view of supply chain processes to lift the company to the cutting edge, while still maintaining quality, cost and convenience. You will be provided tangible procedures, forms and assessments that will help to mitigate risks, while ensuring the safety and security of the company’s personnel. Following a 5-step system, complete with red flag indicators can save your company thousands of dollars of lost revenue from potential terrorism and theft. A must have book for all supply chain Purchasing Managers.

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