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SCS: How to Comply - Operations - Volume II

SCS: How to Comply - Operations - Volume II

One of the biggest weaknesses in supply chain security is in Operations, which is why it needs the most protection. For a company to have an effective long-term security program, it is essential to have the director of Operations have a hands-on approach in developing systems for supply chain accreditation and compliance.

Operations managers are responsible for synchronizing many moving parts, that
together meet the needs of their clients and build cooperative relationships with their business partners. Relationships that strengthen and improve the overall domestic and international supply chain.


How to Comply Operations is a hands-on guide that provides managers with processes, procedures, forms and exercises they can quickly implement on the job. This book is an essential source of information for busy operations managers that are looking for solutions to improve internal and external processes that will continue to keep their business safe and running smoothly. Quick fast and efficient ideas that you’ll be glad you have your hands on.

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