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SCS: How to Comply - HR - Volume I

SCS: How to Comply - HR - Volume I

Your Corporate supply chain team is the engine that propels your products
around the world and your supply chain system is what holds that supply
chain in place. Protecting your company begins with developing solid systems
and structures all personnel can embrace.

Developing supply chain systems is a daunting task but, there is a way to
make this process easier and Global MLX can show you how.

How to Comply – Human Resources Supply Chain Awareness is a
revolutionary guide book that will help owners, CEO’s and senior managers to
create a supply chain security system that will keep their company safe and
their clients secure. This book is filled with easy to follow processes,
procedures, policies and forms that can be used in putting strong systems in
place and drive progress forward while ensuring your ready to go through
certifications, audits, inspections and/or validations when the time comes.

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