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Guide To Read Soccer Over/Under Betting Odds Most Accurately in 2024

Understanding how to analyze soccer over/under (also known as "tài xỉu" in Vietnamese) betting odds is crucial for maximizing your chances of winning money easily. This is a topic that interests many bettors. Follow Wintips soccer tips today to find the answers!

What is Soccer Over/Under Betting?

Soccer over/under betting, also known as over/under or goal line betting, is a type of wager based on the total number of goals scored in a particular soccer match. Bookmakers offer odds for participants to bet with their capital. The outcome is determined by the total number of goals scored after 90 minutes of play by both teams.

One distinct feature of over/under betting compared to other types of bets like Asian handicap or European handicap is that bettors don't need to focus on the outcome of the match. Instead, they only need to pay attention to the total number of goals scored by both teams to place their bets.

Analyzing over/under betting odds is different from other types of bets. Bettors need to understand the rules of the game and the odds to make betting easier. There are numerous over/under betting options in each match, not just win, lose, or draw. Refer to the following guide on how to read soccer over/under odds!

Best and Most Accurate Methods for Analyzing Soccer Over/Under Betting Odds

Over/under betting odds are often listed next to the team names on the betting odds display board. This includes the odds offered by the bookmaker and the odds for betting over or under. So, how do you analyze soccer over/under betting odds? Let us guide you through it!

Over/Under 0 Goal Line

Betting on the over/under 0 goal line is the easiest to identify and read. Here's how to analyze soccer over/under betting odds for this type:

If there is a total of 1 goal scored in the match and you choose over, you win.

If you bet on over, and the final score of the match is 0 goals, you win.

A draw or 0-0 outcome results in a push, meaning bettors get their initial wager back.

Reading Over/Under 0.25 Goal Line

Betting on the over/under 0.25 goal line is the most popular in Asia. This is often referred to as a quarter goal or team over/under bet. Here's how to analyze over/under 0.25 betting odds:

If the team you bet on wins and you choose over, you win your wager. Conversely, if you choose under, you lose.

If you bet over and the match ends in a draw, you still win. If you bet under, you lose.

If you bet under and the match ends with exactly one goal scored, you get half your wager back, and the other half is lost. If you bet over, you lose half your wager, and the other half is returned.

Understanding and analyzing soccer over/under betting odds is essential for successful wagering. By mastering these methods, bettors can increase their chances of making profitable decisions in soccer betting."

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Participants will lose if the match ends in a draw and they choose the over/under option. The over/under 0.75 bet is also known as the half-goal handicap or ¾ bet. Reading the over/under 0.75 in football betting is as follows:

When you choose the over, if the stronger team scores more than two goals, you win; otherwise, you lose if you pick the under.

You will receive half of your bet if you choose the under and the favored team scores one goal. Those who choose the under in this scenario will lose half of their bet.

If the weaker team wins or draws and you choose the over, you lose; those who choose the under will win and receive a reward.

The one-goal over/under bet in football is considered by many gamers to be the easiest bet to win at present. Beginners should choose this bet to increase their chances of winning. For this type of over/under betting, the bookmaker will offer odds on whether one goal will be scored in the entire 90-minute match.

If the two teams draw with a score of 0-0, choosing the under means you win and receive money back to your wallet.

If one goal is scored, whether you choose over or under, it cancels out.

If there are two or more goals scored in that match and you choose the over, you win.

The methods for analyzing the 2nd or 3rd bets are similar; you just need to gradually increase the numbers. Simply memorize and understand this method, and you can conquer every football match.

In addition to these betting options, there are many other ways to analyze over/under football bets for players to choose from. However, as long as players understand how to read the odds for one type, they can easily deduce the rules for the rest.


Analyzing over/under football bets is not difficult; you just need soccer tips app to be observant and logical in your calculations. Nowadays, betting companies are updating many exciting matches with incredibly high betting odds. You can visit this gaming portal to watch and participate in various betting options. Not only is it entertaining, but it also brings in money easily. Remember to join right away so you don't miss out on the opportunity to enrich yourself!


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