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In Book Marketing Plans, Tactics Matter

Planning a successful marketing program for your book is integral to its success. Considering everything from book advertising to the most appropriate promotional events is crucial. You must also develop effective key messages, strong pitch angles, and a target media list. Successful campaigns are the sum of their parts and mapped out carefully to reach your target readers. Your book may likely have several target audience groups, each with different reasons for their interest. For example, a period mystery novel set in New England will draw fans with various interests connected to the book.

Today, having your audience in mind from the start is more important than ever. Writing for them and their interests gives you a natural advantage over competing titles. Word-of-mouth promotion is powerful for books; you want people who read your work to enjoy it. When they do, they'll tell others in person and online, which will help get a buzz going about your book. You may be surprised by what catches people's attention, and once you know it, playing it up in marketing materials can improve their success. If you're self-publishing your work, give it advantages such as professional editing and cover design.

Your publicist or book marketer will know the marketplace, but it always helps to check out your competitors. What are they doing that's working well and engaging your audience? If you can be inspired by others' ideas and adapt them for you and your book, it's a shortcut to practical campaign elements. Creativity always gives you an advantage if you can make your new ideas understandable to the media and your target audience. People might miss the point if you're too far ahead of the curve. It's all about finding the "sweet spot" for something new and desirable.

Deciding on the role of media coverage and social media in your book PR campaign is essential. Nearly all books today benefit from a carefully planned mix of the two. Ideally, you're already active on social media and have engaged followers. Some may purchase copies or downloads of your book, while others may share or like your posts, helping you grow your fan base online. The media coverage side also benefits online as all legacy media (TV and print brands) have websites featuring their coverage. It's a cross-pollination between their legacy medium and the internet. 


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