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How to wear Matching Rings For Couples

Jewelery has multiple meanings. This is the case, for instance with the traditional wedding ring, which both men and women wear on their ring fingers on their left hand. We choose and wear our jewelry according to the trends, our tastes, our look... Rings for women aren't an exception to this rule. You can wear them in a million different ways. Here we offer you some of them, as well as advice on how to wear your different rings appropriately and make sure they don't remain in their boxes for long periods of time.

Which finger goes with which ring

Most importantly, there are customs that don't change. Certain traditions span the ages and styles and we often look up to them to determine which finger to wear our rings on.

The wedding ring is placed on the ring finger of the left hand. The rings symbolizes the union of two people. This is also the finger of the engagement ring. This ring can be paired with the wedding band on the left finger after the wedding ceremony. It can also be worn on the ring-finger of the right hand.

Another tradition that has been handed down from the past is wearing a signet rings. Traditionally women wear this piece of jewelry on the left little finger and men wear it on their ring finger or the right finger.

For all other fingers, there isn't any specific kind of ring. Women wear rings in various ways according to their preferences and lifestyle. For instance, if practice intense physical activity and you're a right-handed person it is a fair chance that you prefer the fingers of your left hand when you wear your rings.

Wearing several rings at the same time

In recent years the trend has been toward accumulating jewelry. We accumulate bracelets on every wrist, we increase earrings and necklaces with increasing amounts of earrings, either mismatched or not. The same goes for rings.

It is best to use lightweight rings like bangles to add multiple jewelry pieces. Geometric shapes or patterns, such as "infinity" or hearts, are simple to mix. You can also play with proportions, for instance by wearing an enormous piece of jewelry, offset by smaller more discreet pieces. You can also change the material, for example by wearing rings in gold or silver.

You can wear multiple rings on one finger, notably the middle finger. This is done with a the knuckle rings. There are also rings made up of two rings that are connected by a chain or an element in gold or silver The jewels are affixed to the entire finger and are suggested for middle or middle fingers.

Tips for wearing rings correctly

Here are some helpful tips on how to select and wear your rings:

Rings that match your body shape: thin rings or a large ring adorned with a stunning stone, anything is fine, particularly when the proportions you choose are a reflection of your hands

The jewelry you choose to wear reflect your mood and preferences whether you pick simple rings or extravagant jewelry your choice usually reflects your personality, particularly on your hands.

Rings to suit your look: multiple rings go easily with a variety of styles and outfits. You can coordinate your jewelry and clothes by matching the color of the gold, the size and type of stone, or ring ...:.

Where Should a Woman Wear a Ring? Tips and Tips

Rings are only worn on the fingers of the hand? Can an engagement and wedding ring both be worn on the same finger? What is the best way to choose which hand to wear your jewelry? When it comes down to choosing the location to place your woman's ring the options are infinite. We provide tips and information about how and where to wear different rings.

Wear a ring to your ring finger

The finger that is a ring on the left hand is reserved for wedding rings. The ring finger is usually worn by the bride prior to the wedding ceremony to wear her engagement ring. After the union, the question is often whether you are able to continue to wear your two pieces of jewelry. Many women keep their engagement rings secure, but it's possible to wear them for several years. If their size, material and precious stones allow it, you are able to wear the wedding engagement ring and ring on your left ring finger alone. Because the wedding ring typically a thin gold ring that is very likely to accompany your diamond solitaire ring or a different, more striking piece of jewelry. If this isn't possible then simply move your engagement ring to the ring finger of your right hand.

The other fingers of the hand

Rings can be positioned on all fingers of any hand, regardless of whether you're a man or woman. Some believe that the finger that the piece of jewelry is positioned has a particular meaning. A woman who wears rings around her thumb may be more extroverted. You don't have to be an expert to be able to put on rings. In the end we recommend selecting rings based on the form of your fingers and hands. It is also important to ensure that your jewelry won't interfere with your daily activities. Therefore, if you're right-handed, you should wear your rings on your left hand. they will be safer there.

Rings that you can wear around your neck

Rings are simple to change into pendants. Just pair them with an appropriate necklace or chain made of a similar material and style. This could be an opportunity to rewear a ring that has become too small or keep in your memory the memories of a loved one. It is possible to wear the ring for "charm" on an anklet.

Toe and knuckle rings

Knuckle rings are on the rise for quite a while now. They allow you to give in to the fashion of collecting jewelry. These rings are small and often feature geometric patterns or shapes, such as stars, lightning or "infinities ".... Available in silver, gold and steel ...,, they are a great way to dress your hands and highlight other jewelry.

There are other types of rings that we regularly see appearing on the fashion runway: toe rings. They are definitely tiny rings that can put on one or more toes. Make sure you take care of your manicure to ensure that the foot jewelry is perfectly highlighted.


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